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Our Hotel’s Location

Hotel Korali is 6km away from Katerini, 68km from Thessaloniki and 30km away from Olympus. Near the hotel, there are many bars and nightclubs, along with a shopping mall.

About Katerini


Katerini, capital of the prefecture of Pieria, is located in Macedonia and is built on the plain that stretches between Pieria and Olympus. The city owes its name to the patron St. Catherine of Sinai. It is a popular travel destination because it combines the beauty of the mountain and the sea. Over the years, the area has evolved into a modern city with intense economic and social activity.

There are numerous places to visit and things to do in Katerini to satisfy every type of traveller.

  • · The church of Agia Aikaterini – It’s a small church with important hagiographies. The entrance is decorated with embossed crosses sitting in round niches carved in stone
  • · Macedonian Tombs – It was discovered in the landfill of Katerini, 2km outside the city. It is a large rectangular monument with two chambers and dates to the second quarter of the 4th BC century.
  • · Byzantine Church of Panagia, Kontariotissa – It is a work of Byzantine style and dates from the 11th century. This is the oldest surviving Byzantine monument in Pieria. In the same area there is a cemetery of the early Iron Age.
  • · Dion – At the foot of Mount Olympus 17 km south of Katerini and just 5 km from the coast of Pieria, in a green area is the ancient Dion. Dion was the holy city of the Macedonians and its name is associated with Zeus.
  • · The castle of Platamonas– The castle of Platamonas is perhaps the most important attraction of the prefecture of Pieria. It is strategically located southeast of Olympus and is a castle-town of the mid-Byzantine period.
  • · Ancient Pydna – It was an important city and thanks to its port and strategic location, it was one of the largest centers of the Macedonians. On the west coast of Thermaikos, 1km south of Makrigialos, are the ruins of the castle and the Byzantine diocese of Kitros.
  • · Archaeological site of Vergina – It is located 13km southeast of Veria and is one of the most important archaelogical monuments to visit.